Welcome to the new carbon economy, a time when accelerating climate change has triggered an international focus on reducing CO2 emissions. It is imperative that we find innovative, clean and cost-effective solutions if we are to leave a healthier world to future generations. 
CO2 Solutions’ exclusive, patented industrial lung technology is tailor-made for this juncture. Inspired by nature, it literally reinvents the way we capture and purify the carbon dioxide from greenhouse gases in order to reuse it. Thanks to this technology, fossil fuel plants and other stationary emitters of GHG can now see a way to reduce their environmental footprint and respect even the most stringent government regulations, all while doing so profitably. 

For over twenty years we have been developing our unique carbon-capture process in synergy with top-level researchers, leaders, innovators and visionaries in the Cleantech arena. It is therefore no accident that this high-performance, green and cost-effective solution has given our company a leadership role in the fight against climate change.

CO2 Solutions’ management team is committed to pursuing a multi-pronged strategy aimed at advancing our technology development and deployment. Our prime focus in developing our technology is by leveraging our internal R&D efforts through synergistic relationships with leading technology players in the Cleantech arena, to bring the best resources to bear in advancing our technology towards commercial readiness. To support our technology scale-up and piloting efforts, CO2 Solutions will continue to work with leading industrial deployment partners. In addition, we will continue to tap into beneficial government funding programs in Canada, the U.S. and abroad for the demonstration of our technology. Concurrently, we will continue to broaden our already strong global patent position which will both allow us to commercialize our technology and block potential competitors. 

Through these endeavours, CO2 Solutions will create long-term, sustainable value for all its stakeholders. We invite you to join us on this pioneering journey into the new carbon economy – one of growth and contribution to a cleaner planet as we merge ecology and economy for the benefit of future generations. 


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