Valorisation Carbone Québec


When CO2 is emitted and becomes a waste, we fail to seize its economic potential, which is considerable. The reason CO2 Solutions established the Valorisation Carbone Québec (VCQ) initiative is to demonstrate the potential value of CO2 by promoting the development and demonstration of sustainable and environmentally sound commercial solutions to capture and reuse CO2 in value-added applications.

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Although CO2 has a poor reputation as a greenhouse gas (GHG), the VCQ project will act as a reminder that it is also an essential input for many industrial processes that affect our daily lives, as listed in the applications section. VCQ aims to reposition CO2 from greenhouse gas to greenback gas!

Profits by the tonne 

CO2 Solutions’ industrial lung technology is tailor-made for installations that emit over 25,000 tonnes of CO2 annually – even more so if operations require purchasing CO2. Not only does the technology allow you to capture up to 90% of your CO2 emissions, you can also capitalize on them while greatly improving your environmental scorecard. 

A quick calculation will show you just how profitable the new carbon economy can be for your business!

Potential savings on CO2 purchase with our industrial lung

Based on 90% CO2 emissions capture at your factory.

Potential annual savings 0 $

Potential carbon credit revenues with our industrial lung

Based on 90% CO2 emissions capture at your factory.

Potential annual revenues 0 $

The new carbon economy
is a win for your company

  • You increase profitability
  • You improve your environmental scorecard
  • You fight climate change
  • You products become greener
  • You contribute to the wellbeing of your community
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