Voyer, Normand

PhD, Organic Chemistry 
Vice President, Biocatalysis
Scientific Orientation Committee, CO2 Solutions

Dr. Voyer joined CO2 Solutions in 2006 as vice president, Technology Applications, and was appointed interim president & CEO in January 2008. Prior to 2006, Dr. Voyer was a member of CO2 Solutions' scientific advisory committee. Dr. Voyer is recognized for his research in bioorganic chemistry, and is the founder of the Quebec Research Centre on Protein Structure, Function, and Engineering (CREFSIP). Dr. Voyer also served as director of Chemistry at Biopharmacopae Design International Inc., and was a visiting scientist for E. I. DuPont de Nemours & Co in Wilmington, DE. Dr. Voyer holds a doctorate in organic chemistry from Laval University and a postdoctoral degree in bioorganic chemistry from UCLA.

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