Proteau, Jocelyn

Corporate Director
Board member, CO2 Solutions

From 1989 to 2001, Mr. Jocelyn Proteau was chairman of the board and chief executive of the Fédération des Caisses populaires Desjardins de Montréal-et-de-l'Ouest-du-Québec. He is presently chairman of the board of BTB Investment Trust. He is also the lead director of the board of 20/20 Technologies Inc. He also serves on the boards of various companies as non-executive director: Richelieu Hardware Ltd., Canadian Public Accountability Board (CPAB), Familiprix and HEC Montreal for which he also sits on the pension committee. He has served as non-executive director and chairman of the board of Standard Life Insurance of Canada, Standard Life Trust, and Standard Life Financial Inc., from January 2005 to May 2009, and as non-executive director of Standard Life Plc (Scotland) from August 2003 to May 2009.

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