Manherz, Robert

Principal, Dundurn Capital Partners Inc.
Board member, CO2 Solutions

A successful entrepreneur, Mr. Manherz was the founder and president of ReserveAmerica Inc. Following the sale of ReserveAmerica to Ticketmaster, Mr. Manherz was involved with a series of private equity and venture capital investments in healthcare, biotechnology and real estate. In 2005, Mr. Manherz founded Dundurn Capital Partners and related companies. Dundurn Capital Partners has made investments in "green" technology, sustainable development of buildings, in the nanotechnology space, energy-efficient lighting, carbon capture and developed real estate designed to the LEED® Platinum standard (Leadership in energy and environmental design). Mr. Manherz holds an Honours mathematics and computer science bachelor's degree from the University of Waterloo.

tel : 418.842.3456 fax : 418.842.1732
General information: [email protected]