A rich future for CO2 reuse

There are many applications for the reuse of CO2, the most common ones outlined in this section. At the heart of the new carbon economy developed by CO2 Solutions is the idea that the reuse of CO2 released from stationary sources is the most desirable environmental solution for reducing GHG emissions while transforming the gas into a revenue stream or a cost avoidance. 
Applications for CO2 reuse will see tremendous and sustained growth in the coming years and decades. With far better performance than conventional carbon-capture technologies, CO2 Solutions’ technology was specifically designed to allow large-scale greenhouse gas emitters to profit from this market in dynamic evolution. There are two forms of CO2 reuse: direct or with conversion.

CO2 direct reuse 

The industrial lung technology provides an on-site capture plant in order to reuse the CO2 that is being released. This can also reduce or eliminate dependence on external CO2 suppliers.

CO2 reuse with conversion 

Can your company turn its CO2 emissions into a source of revenue? Can your CO2 find a nearby taker that results in a commercial transaction that brings you profit? A capture unit on your emissions can turn your waste into a raw material for the receiving company that benefits both parties – the seller reduces their environmental footprint while generating revenues; the buyer can rely on a supply of CO2 that is reliable, economical and environmentally friendly.

Major applications for CO2 reuse 

Enhanced Oil Recovery

Pulp and Paper

– Regulating and stabilizing pH
– Reducing CaCO3 dissolution
– CO2 Pulp-washing
– CO2 for soap acidulation

Water treatment  


Beverage carbonation

Emerging uses 

– Algae culture
– Production of bio-plastics
– Production of liquid fuels

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