CO2 Solutions Inc. (CSI) is a leading technology provider for the capture and purification of CO2 from industrial flue gases. Pioneer in the industry, the company offers revolutionary technology that meets the challenge of using CO2 as a raw material in many industries essential to the production of modern goods, as well as the challenge posed by CO2 as a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.

CO2 Solutions’ unique, patented industrial lung technology optimizes industrial profitability for plants that use CO2 while effectively fighting climate change by capturing the CO2 from polluting emissions for reuse or storage.


CO2 Solutions has made it their mission to actuate a considerable reduction in CO2 emissions from industrial sources in order to effectively fight climate change, while simultaneously stimulating the economy and improving the quality of life of the citizens who live wherever their technology is deployed.  

As a result of sustained research and development efforts, and through the establishment of industrial and business partnerships, CO2 Solutions intends to become a leader in the design, development, production and marketing of products and services related to the recycling of CO2 in a context of climate change.


The vision and raison d’être of CO2 Solutions are perfectly aligned with the principles of sustainable development. Backed by fully invested management, staff and researchers committed to creating a cleaner world, unique and patented technology and a rigorous, ethical methodology, CO2 Solutions sees far and thinks big. The company aspires not only to demonstrate that financial return and a clean environment can be synergistic components of success and profitability, but also that their activities can benefit communities from every point of view. 


The CO2 Solutions vision is based on six fundamental principles that guide all our decision-making, business practices and choice of partners and suppliers.

1. Ecological 

By aiming for high efficiency carbon-capture and recycling, CO2 Solutions is committed to offering high-performance processes that pose no danger to the environment and that help fight climate change.  

2. Economic 

By rigorously fighting climate change, CO2 Solutions is committed to creating high quality jobs, fostering healthy economic development in communities where we operate, and generating returns on our shareholders’ capital investment.

3. Social

By working to create a sustainable business model, CO2 Solutions is committed to building a model organization where resources and people of multiple talents can work in harmony and in a climate of equality and social equity, while raising public awareness of the threat of climate change and providing education about responsible actions that will contribute to the common good.

4. Ethical 

By favouring an approach based on respect shared with all our stakeholders, resources, partners and the public, CO2 Solutions is committed to conducting our business with the transparency of the very best management practices. 

5. Creative 

By continuously seeking solutions that go far beyond what is currently possible, CO2 Solutions is committed to stimulating and placing great value on our people’s inventiveness, ingenious thinking and will to surpass and accomplish for the benefit of the community.

6. Universal equity 

By practicing equitable sharing on both a human and economic scale, CO2 Solutions is committed, to the best of our ability, to contribute to the evolution of developing nations and to give future generations the tools they need to live on a planet less affected by climate change.
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