Press Releases 2013

Dec. 31, 2013
04 December 2013
CO₂ Solutions Announces Annual General & Special Meeting of Shareholders Results

03 December 2013
CO₂ Solutions Expands Its Intellectual Property Portfolio with New Canadian Patents

28 November 2013
CO₂ Solution Announces its Annual General and Special Meeting

25 Octobrer 2013
CO₂ Solutions Announces Adoption of Advance Notice By‐Law

19 September 2013
CO₂ Solutions Further Fortifies Its Intellectual Property Portfolio with Addition of Two Broad Canadian Patents

29 August 2013
CO₂ Solutions Completes First Alberta Oil Sands Project Milestones

12 August 2013
CO₂ Solutions Announces Closing of Previously Announced Private Placement

27 June 2013
CO₂ Solutions Announces Proposed Private Placement

26 June 2013
President Obama Outlines Requirements for Keystone Pipeline Approval

24 May 2013
CO₂ Solutions Announces Grant of Options

21 May 2013
CO₂ Solutions Announces Extension of Joint Development Agreement with Codexis

06 May 2013
CO₂ Solutions Announces Changes to Management Team and Board of Directors

03 May 2013
CO₂ Solutions Hosts Prime Minister Harper for Carbon Capture Grant Announcement

25 April 2013
CO₂ Solutions Receives Notice of Allowance for Broad New U.S. Patent

12 March 2013
CO₂ Solutions Announces Agreement with Statoil

13 February 2013
CO2 Solutions Announces Agreement with the CO₂ Capture Project

24 January 2013
CO₂ Solutions Receives $4.7 Million from the Harper Government for Oil Sands Carbon Capture Project

17 January 2013
CO₂ Solutions Names Dr. Louis Fradette as Chief Technology Officer

15 January 2013
CO₂ Solutions Announces Funding from the National Research Council Canada

10 January 2013
CO₂ Solutions Granted Three New U.S. Patents
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