Industrial Lung


For their revolutionary carbon-capture technology, CO2 Solutions turned to the living world for nature’s most powerful known catalyst for carbon management, the carbonic anhydrase (CA) enzyme. After observing, analysing and understanding how this natural enzyme functions, the company was able to develop an innovative industrial disruptive process using the enzyme, at a very competitive operating cost.

Contrary to conventional carbon-capture technologies, the CO2 Solutions process neither requires nor produces toxic products. It is a carbon-capture solution that is clean, stable, with extremely fast absorption kinetics and low energy consumption, and poses absolutely no danger to human health or the environment.

The CO2 Solutions technology allows post-combustion emissions to be captured directly from industrial sources like chimneys. The CO2 is then extracted for purification in order to be reused or converted. Adaptable to all types of gaseous effluents, this innovative technology helps companies better monetize their industrial processes, all while reducing their environmental footprint.

The solution of choice to actively, safely and profitably fight against climate change, our industrial lung technology turns every user into a dynamic player in the new carbon economy.

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