CO2 Solution is founded in Quebec by a group of researchers in medicine and chemical engineering, in order to resolve the problem of air purification in submarines.

The team develops an innovative carbon-capture enzyme technology that uses carbonic anhydrase (CA), the natural enzyme that regulates carbonic gas in the respiratory function of all living organisms (human, animal, plant).

CA is chosen for its capacity to absorb a million CO2 molecules/sec. – the fastest known enzymatic catalyst in CO2 management.


CO2 Solution explores the application of its technology to industrial greenhouse gas emissions. Feasibility tests are carried out on aluminum production facilities at Alcoa in Deschambault, Quebec. The experiment is conclusive, demonstrating the potential of the enzymatic platform for carbon capture in an industrial context.


CO2 Solution is listed on the TSX under the symbol CST.


A second feasibility test of the industrial carbon-capture technology is carried out at the waste incinerator in Quebec City. The results are again very compelling.


CO2 Solution reaches a formal strategic agreement for developing the CA enzyme with Codexis in California. The company is a leader in protein engineering, applying their technology to the development of biocatalysts for commercial use.  

Codexis privately invests CAD$2M into the company, becoming a major shareholder. This partnership accelerates the deployment of the innovative carbon-capture enzyme technology with a view to eventual marketing.


On November 23, by virtue of the Canada Business Corporations Act, CO2 Solution officially changes their corporate name to CO2 Solutions. 


CO2 Solutions undertakes a demonstration of carbon capture from natural gas emissions. The Climate Change and Emissions Management Corporation in Alberta provides CO2 Solutions with CAD$500,000 to fund the project that aims to demonstrate the technology’s potential to reduce large-scale CO2 emissions, particularly in tar sands operations. 


The Canadian government supports the demonstration with a CAD$4.7M subvention to CO2 Solutions, as part of the ecoENERGY Innovation Initiative of Natural Resources Canada, a program focused on innovation in energy technologies that will produce and use energy more cleanly and efficiently.

The subvention is officially announced on May 3 when Prime Minister Stephen Harper visits the company’s installations in Quebec where the demonstration’s activities are underway. 


Husky Energy becomes an industrial partner with CO2 Solutions to support demonstration carbon-capture projects, which involves the construction of a pilot unit in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, Quebec.

Over the course of the year, CO2 Solutions researchers present their innovative new high-performance carbonic anhydrase (CA) enzyme, newly baptized 1T1. The company starts testing their process with the new enzyme in a pilot unit at the Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC) at the University of North Dakota, for the capture of one tonne CO2/day in real life operations. 


Following conclusive test results at the University of North Dakota, CO2 Solutions decides to proceed with a new demonstration at their new pilot unit in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, Quebec.

Budgets and construction deadlines for the new pilot unit are completed, which is then made operational for 2500 hours in order to capture ten tonnes of CO2/day. The results surpass all expectations of performance and of reduction of environmental footprint.


CO2 Solutions enters into their first commercial agreement with Resolute Forest Products and Les Serres Toundra for the deployment of a carbon-capture unit at Resolute’s softwood kraft pulp mill in Saint-Félicien, Quebec, with the captured and purified CO2 then reused at the nearby Toundra greenhouses.

CO2 Solutions signs a collaboration with Seneca for the commercialisation of industrial projects that integrate their exclusive enzymatic technology.

CO2 Solutions completes testing of Rotating Packed Bed (RPB) contactor technology at the EERC at the University of North Dakota. 


CO2 Solutions assigns the implementation of the Saint-Félicien carbon-capture unit to the engineering consulting firm BBA.

Official launch of the Valorisation Carbone Québec (VCQ) initiative, in partnership with the Quebec government and Laval University. The objective of the project is to promote and accelerate the development and demonstration of tangible, environmentally sound commercial solutions to capture and reuse CO2 in value-added applications. 

The Quebec government supports the VCQ initiative with a subvention of CAD$15M. The initiative will be deployed until 2019.

The ParaChem chemical manufacturing facility in Montreal East is chosen as host site for deployment of applications as part of the VCQ initiative. CO2 Solutions relocates their carbon-capture unit from Salaberry-de-Valleyfield to Montreal East and starts operations.

The company secures a partnership with Hatch, a supplier of engineering services, for implementation of carbon-capture projects and deployment of the VCQ initiative.
CO2 Solutions also welcomes Kiverdi, a firm specializing in CO2 conversion, as VCQ partner in the promotion of CO2.

CO2 Solutions receives the Gold Leaf award for emerging company of the year (IND&AG) from BIOTECanada, Canada’s national biotechnology association.


The French multinational Total SA joins CO2 Solutions as VCQ industry partner.

The Quebec government awards the company an additional subvention of CAD$7.5M to support the VCQ initiative and allow it to continue through 2022.

In February, the company learns they are double co-finalists with partners CERT and Carbicrete in the third and final round of the prestigious NRG Cosia Carbon XPRIZE competition with grants totalling CAN$500,000.

CO2 Solutions rebroadcasts their video ‘Industrial Evolution’ at the Olympics in PyeongChang.

The company updates their brand identity and website, unveiling their new tagline 'The new carbon economy'. A marketing initiative is launched featuring a new TV spot in French, ‘Imagine’. 

As of March 31, CO2 Solutions has 25 employees including eight engineers and seven Doctors of Engineering or Biochemistry, and holds an intellectual property portfolio of 57 patents with 37 pending linked to carbon-capture using the carbonic anhydrase enzyme.


The first commercial unit at Resolute Forest Products in St-Felicien is completed, commissionned and run for 1 week. The unit surpasses performance expectations.

SAIPEM acquires the IP portfolio of CO2 Solutions, its commercial St-Félicien 30 tpd capture unit , key staff from the technology core team, and its lab and office facilities in Quebec City. This allows the industrially-proven enzymatic capture technology to have a bright future by leveraging the expert R&D team inside a world-class EPCM organization that operates in 70 countries.


The new logo for CO2 Solutions is created, reflecting the close link between the technology and its new owners.
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