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CO2 Solutions’ revolutionary carbon-capture technology is one of the most efficient new options for cleansing any stationary source of CO- containing combustion gas. Perfectly adapted to today’s major and numerous opportunities to profit from CO2 reuse and conversion, the technology’s unparalleled advantages represent an invaluable asset in climate change mitigation.


  • Shown reduction in cost (OPEX) compared to all other conventional carbon-capture technologies on the market.
  • Technology delivers value-added CO2 and profitable carbon recovery and reuse. 
  • Transforms industrial emissions into potential revenue streams, cost reductions opportunities or carbon credits.


  • Greenhouse gas emissions from stationary sources can be captured by capitalizing on the efficient performance of the exclusive 1T1 enzyme.
  • Allows the use of excess industrial heat at low temperatures to drive the regeneration process and cut energy costs drastically compared to other technologies.
  • CO2 purification of 99.95% or more in one step, which is optimal for its reuse. 
  • Highly tolerant to flue gas contaminants such as sulphur and nitrous oxides.


  • Absorbing solution is highly stable to capture CO2
  • Reduced gas pretreatment requirements.
  • Low desorber temperature allows regeneration of solution with low-level heat at nil value. No steam or high-quality heat required.


  • High-efficiency process acting as an industrial lung to reduce GHG emissions.
  • Use of low environmental impact agents into an absorbing system that replaces more harmful technologies based on chemical solvents
  • Significant reduction in energy consumption by avoiding chemical solvents whose regeneration requires high quality heat (high temperature).
  • Technology does not generate waste, aerosols or toxic contaminants.


  • Enzyme 1T1 remains active for a long time without losing its efficiency.
  • Low corrosivity absorption solution requiring less expensive metallurgy than competing processes - less severe pressure, temperature and acidity conditions of enzyme technology compared to conventional processes even allows the use of plastic pipes in some services.


Alternative capture technology that can be deployed in existing carbon capture units using chemical solvents.
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