VCQ - CO2 plus

Project status


Capture unit

In operation since September 2017, the capture unit has been winterized to allow for an all-season, 24/7 operation. Changes have been made to optimize capture costs.
Photo: Capture unit at the ParaChem plant

ParaChem plant

To allow for various conversion units, the site used for the VCQ initiative will provide for a consumable gas provision, which is required to operate the conversion units planned as part of the project.
Photo: ParaChem plant layout where the conversion units will be held

Conversion unit 

The first conversion unit, planned for the ParaChem site in early 2019, will be supplied by Pioneer Energy. The unit can convert up to 250 kg/day of CO2e in methanol and 500 kg/day in dimethyl ether (DME). All manufacturing drawings were designed in order to allow the Pioneer unit, produced by the Trois-Rivières firm Pro-B, to meet Canadian norms.

Illustration: 3D Model of the Pioneer Energy Unit

Photo: Pioneer Unit under production by Pro-B
Production was initiated in October 2018 by Pro-B. The unit will be tested on the Pro-B site in February/March of 2019, before it is shipped to the ParaChem site and installed for operation. Discussions with potential methanol and CME users are underway.
Other units for COconversion into animal food protein and methanol are also planned in 2019 at the ParaChem site.
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