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Capture equipment

CO2 Solutions contributes to the development and improvement of the equipment for CO2 capture, reuse and storage. The company does this independently or in collaboration with industry partners. As leader in the sector, CO2 Solutions is at the heart of the technological evolution of the equipment used.

Improvements in carbon-capture technology 

Through industrial testing, CO2 Solutions has advanced the application of high-intensity contactors by one tonne/day. The company is currently working on a new project to attain these three goals:
  • Test rotating packed bed mass transfer at a 10 tonnes/day scale
  • Design container-sized capture units
  • Accumulate process experience from many months of operation
Photo: Carbon capture equipment

Packed Columns

  1. The enzyme solution enters the column at the top and trickles down the garnishing, an object with a defined shape to maximize surface contact between the gas and liquid.
  2. The gas enters the bottom of the column and circulates in the opposite direction.
  3. Contact between the gas and liquid allows the COto be absorbed by the solution and transformed by the carbonic anhydrase (CA) enzyme.
  4. The purified gas exits the column, and the solution containing both the enzyme and the COis redirected to another process unit. 
Photo: Packed Column

Rotating Packed Bed (RPB)

CO2 Solutions has completed a project that improved RPB technology in order to improve COcapture. The points below recap the main results of the project in collaboration with GasTran Systems (GTS) of Cleveland (OH) - leader in RPB technology. 
Completed Achievements
  • Process intensification in action 
  • Shears solvent into extremely fine droplets 
  • Mass transfer is ten times higher than with a conventional packed column 
  • 1T1 enzyme exclusive to CO2Solutions enables reaction acceleration for maximum performance
  • RPB is proven commercially in other gas-liquid applications at scale – liquid de-aeration and chemical production

Photo: Rotating Packed Bed
Illustration: Rotating Packed Bed
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