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Greenhouse Gas Reduction


In the context of the VCQ initiative, which aims at bringing carbon capture and reuse to another level, CO2 Solutions and their partners have established a rigorous approach with precise requirements that will help assess the technologies based on their potential, in order to significantly reduce atmospheric CO2.

The only technologies that will reach the last stage of this initiative will need to clearly demonstrate cost-effective GHG emissions reductions capabilities. To this end, VCQ hired Carbon Consult Group (GCC) to develop a proper methodology and to determine realistic GHG reduction potential for each application tested. GCC is an organization recognized for their expertise in GHG reduction technologies, impact assessment and GHG verification.

State-of-the-art evaluation  

Prior to being commissioned, the selected technologies will go through an exhaustive GHG emissions assessment following international standards, such as ISO 14064-2. This approach ensures that the pre-project assessment of COcapture and reuse is comparable between technologies. In addition, this assessment is validated to ensure that all guidelines have been respected. 

During the operation of the system at the demonstration site, several parameters will be monitored to demonstrate the performance and quantify actual levels of GHG reduction. Data and calculations will be verified and compared against the pre-project assessment.

There are many challenges to assessing GHG emissions reductions for new technologies ꟷ one of which is the unknown with respect to the scale-up and the adoption rate of the technology. For this reason, CO2 Solutions’ approach is always “conservative” so that the assessment does not lead to overestimating the amount of GHG reduced. This principle is at the core of GHG emissions reduction methodologies.

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