VCQ - CO2 plus

Valorisation Carbone Québec (VCQ)


According to the International Energy Agency, in order to reach global objectives for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, carbon-capture and reuse or storage technologies must represent 14% of efforts. World leader in this area with their revolutionary technology, CO2 Solutions is fully invested with Valorisation Carbone Québec, an initiative to kick-start the new carbon economy.
The objective of the project is to promote the development and demonstration of tangible, environmentally sound commercial solutions to capture and reuse CO2 in value-added applications. Although CO2 has a poor reputation as a greenhouse gas (GHG), the VCQ project will act as a reminder that it is also an essential input for many industrial processes that affect our daily lives.

A vital component of the new carbon economy 

Through the VCQ initiative, CO2 Solutions and their partners will promote the deployment of commercial CO2 capture and reuse using their industrial lung technology in collaboration with industries that emit greenhouse gases. By value-adding CO2, the company wants to activate and create momentum in the new carbon economy, one that is profitable across the board: 
  • For the planet, through mitigation of pollution and the growth of the green economy;
  • For communities, who will benefit from a cleaner environment, cleaner air and economic stimulation;
  • For industry, through improved environmental scorecards and the ability to profit from GHG;
  • For science, through the breadth and reach of their findings and expertise;
  • For governments, through the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with targets in signed accords. 
By mobilizing various partners, policy makers, academics and industrialists within this new economic sector, the VCQ initiative will not only help fight climate change by reducing GHG emissions, but will also create opportunities for the commercial use of CO2 in value-added products.
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