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Resolute and Les Serres Toundra

A first commercialization project using CO2 Solutions’ enzyme technology for the capture, reuse and conversion of carbon dioxide is currently underway at Resolute Forest Product's softwood kraft pulp mill in Saint-Félicien, Québec. The project is a partnership between Resolute and Les Serres Toundra greenhouses, in collaboration with the engineering consulting firm BBA for construction of the installations.

This deployment will be a carbon application where CO2 Solutions’ technology will provide tangible benefits to both industrial partners. In this case, once the installations are in place in 2018, the CO2 captured at the Resolute plant will be transported and reused at the nearby Toundra greenhouse to accelerate its vegetable production all year round, which will contribute significantly to the local economy.

An ecological and economic asset

The project involves the capture of up to 30 tonnes-CO2/day at the pulp mill. This will allow Resolute to reduce their plant emissions thanks to the carbon-capture and purification processes of CO2 Solutions’ industrial lung technology. The reuse with conversion of carbonic gas transported to Toundra will then improve their greenhouse yields.

Photo: Resolute’s Plant and Les Serres Toundra in the background

The project was specifically designed to minimize the footprint and capital cost of the carbon capture unit. The innovative design of the equipment further reduces the already low cost of CO2 Solutions' technology vs. conventional processes, and will be applicable in subsequent projects.



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