VCQ - CO2 plus

Technological development with GasTran Systems

Since 2015, COSolutions has worked with multiple suppliers of contact technology intensified by a rotating bed in order to help reduce the size of their enzymatic capture unit for carbon reuse to optimize the integration of an RTB.

The partnership lead to a considerable decrease in the size of the COabsorption system so it could be better adapted to constrained industrial spaces in power plants, oil refineries and other carbon-emitting plants. The system itself is now thirty times more compact than a conventional unit, an improvement that has resulted in an important reduction of initial investment costs. The installation of this smaller and lighter carbon capture unit does not require any new supporting structure or reinforcement of existing structures.

Conventional unit compared to COSolutions’ rotating packed bed unit

This commercial example is for the capture of 90% of COemissions from a natural gas fired boiler based on a scale of 300 tonnes of COper day.

First generation unit
Packed column with conventional absorber currently used by the industry
Diameter: 5.6 m (18.4 ft)
Height: 15.0 m (49.2 ft)
Volume: 369.45 m(13,047 ft3)

Second generation unit used by COSolutions
Equipped with 2 rotating beds (RPB) – Thirty times smaller!
Diameter: 2.1 m (6.89 ft) each
Height: 1.7 m (5.58 ft) each
Volume: 5.89 m(208 ft3) each

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