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Pilot demonstration with Husky Energy

Under a Collaboration Agreement with Husky Energy, one of Canada’s largest integrated energy companies,  CO2 Solutions operated a pilot unit of its enzymatic carbon capture process at Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, near Montreal, Quebec, as part of a 2,500-hour, semi-autonomous exploitation. The unit was on a natural gas fired boiler to capture 10 tonnes/day of GHG, treating it to extract CO2 and purify it for reuse.

Operation of the pilot unit commenced in May 2015 with completion of testing in the third quarter of that same year. Test results all met or exceeded objectives, demonstrating the technology’s potential in real-world application. Husky Energy, headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, continues to closely follow the evolution of the CO2 Solutions technology.  

Photo : Pilot demonstration with Husky Energy

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