VCQ - CO2 plus

Pilot Demonstration with ParaChem

The technology deployed as part of the pilot demonstration at the ParaChem plant in Montreal East can capture up to ten tonnes of carbon dioxide per day, which will confirm its commercial application potential.

The capture and purification unit in this initiative is the same that was used in the previously successful demonstration that took place in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, Quebec, in collaboration with Husky Energy. This huge industrial lung was moved to the new site for the Valorisation Carbone Québec initiative at Chimie ParaChem. Once installed in its new location, the unit was updated to integrate CO2 Solutions’ most recent technological developments.

COreuse in the production of methanol and other chemical industry products (including acetic acid which is being studied), is underway and should be ready in early 2019.

Animal food protein conversion, as well as a few other applications, are also in preparation and should be ready for exploitation in the winter of 2019.

Photo : New pilot unit and test centre installations at Chimie ParaChem

Two operating units at the VCQ demonstration centre

The results of CO2 Solutions’ rotating packed bed unit tests at the Energy & Environmental Research Center lead to the design of a new unit ten times more efficient for the Valorisation Carbone Québec initiative. The high-tech unit can capture ten tonnes of carbon dioxide per day, and its small footprint will allow the latest size-reducing advances to be put forward.

Once both of the enzymatic-technology units are up and running at the VCQ test centre, which is planned for the winter of 2019, it will be possible to demonstrate the flexibility of the industrial lung technology and its efficient use in multiple configurations, contexts and applications. 

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