EXTRAORDINARY IS OUR CHOICE We are a world leader in engineering and drilling activities and in the development of major projects, in the energy and infrastructures sectors. GLOBAL SOLUTION PROVIDER We identify solutions to respond to our clients’ needs: from the concept to decommissioning. Globality, multiculturalism, skill and sustainability have been the distinctive features of our work for more than 60 years. We are present in over 60 countries and are backed up by 60 years of history. We have unique expertise in the management of complex projects in harsh environments, remote areas and deep water, in particular for the Oil&Gas industry. We make the most of our own people’s experience, and the high technological value of our assets, in order to provide tailor-made solutions, focusing a great deal of attention on sustainability, the health and safety of people and operations, and innovation.

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The CO2 Solutions by SAIPEM team is committed to the development of a new carbon economy that successfully integrates profitability with respect for the environment. When jobs are posted, the organization seeks people who share our vision and principles.



If your goal is to join the CO2 Solutions team but there are no current job openings, please send us your CV at and we will be sure to review your application. If a job in your area of expertise becomes open or is created, we will contact you. 
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