Capture AND purification

CO2 capture and purification at its best

Do your installations produce significant GHG emissions and you’re looking for a solution? CO2 Solutions’ industrial lung technology can help you adeptly rise to the challenge. Armed with an entirely eco-friendly carbon-capture process, we can transform your business by making it greener than you thought possible. 

Our technology can capture up to 90% of your emissions to extract and purify 99.95% or more of the CO2 for reuse. No other technology allows you to do this much, this profitably, and without producing any toxic waste. Today, it is in the best interest of every forward-thinking business leader to pioneer the new carbon economy. It is a win-win for any company: a decreased environmental footprint and increased profitability.

An adaptable technology with incredible potential 

When applied in a compact rotating packed bed arrangement smaller than a conventional contacting equipment layout, the industrial lung technology can be adapted for the most demanding configurations while reducing infrastructure costs significantly.
In addition, our enzyme technology lets you generate CO2 from your own emissions to reuse in your processes and applications, as you need it, without ever sacrificing the quality of the raw material. This in turn reduces your operating costs and ensures a stable supply chain. 

You can also monetize the recovered CO2 as carbon credits. 70% of global energy demand is currently met through the burning of carbon-based fuels, and demand is predicted to double by 20351. By fitting your installation now with an industrial lung, you will not only be a leader in the new carbon economy – you will fully profit from it.

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