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A Word from the President

Welcome to CO2 Solutions’ website. I hope you will find it interesting and educational.

CO2 Solutions is a leading developer of proprietary technologies for carbon dioxide (CO2) capture and management. A pure play in the “Cleantech” sector, CO2 Solutions is attracting knowledgeable and responsible shareholders who believe that the necessity for innovative, cost-effective solutions for the reduction of CO2 emissions is becoming increasingly necessary if we are to responsibly address accelerating climate change issues.   We are currently focused on commercializing enzyme-based enabling technology for efficient CO2 capture from fossil fuel power plants and other stationary emitters of CO2.  Our technology, inspired by nature, utilizes the extremely powerful enzyme catalyst which efficiently manages carbon dioxide in humans and other living organisms, carbonic anhydrase.  In essence, this is Nature’s Power for Carbon Capture™. 

The necessity for the reduction in CO2 emissions has received global attention in the past few years because of accelerating climate change. The consensus among the scientific community, the public and our governments is quite clear; the world is getting warmer due to human activity and this warming is accelerating. The main contributor to this acceleration is carbon dioxide emitted from the use of fossil fuels to meet our ever increasing energy appetite; an appetite which is forecast to double by 2035. While renewables and nuclear energy will gain in prominence, their role will be marginal and fossil fuels will remain the primary energy source for decades to come. Accordingly, many countries are now attempting to accelerate the development and implementation of technologies that can mitigate carbon dioxide emissions, such as the technology developed and patented by CO2 Solutions.

Recent government initiatives demonstrate that regulation of carbon dioxide pollution is gaining momentum and is now moving from speculation to fact. With CO2 Solutions’ efficient, cost effective and green carbon capture technology, the Company looks forward to supporting worldwide efforts by industry and governments to efficiently meet these regulatory requirements for emissions reductions.

CO2 Solutions’ management team is committed to pursuing a multi-pronged strategy aimed at advancing its technology development and deployment. Our prime focus in developing our technology is by leveraging our internal R&D efforts through synergistic relationships with leading technology players in the Cleantech arena, such as Codexis and Procede Group, to bring the best resources to bear in advancing our technology towards commercial readiness.   To support our technology scale-up and piloting efforts, CO2 Solutions will continue to work with leading industrial deployment partners.  In addition, we will continue to tap into beneficial government funding programs in Canada, the U.S. and abroad for the demonstration of our technology.  Concurrently, we will continue to broaden our already strong global patent position which will both allow us to commercialize our technology and block potential competitors. 

Through these endeavors, CO2 Solutions will create long-term, sustainable value for all its stakeholders.  We invite you to join us in this exciting journey of growth and its contribution to a cleaner planet for future generations.

Evan Price
President  & CEO