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Proprietary, High-Performance Enzyme

In 2014, CO2 Solutions announced the successful internal development of a new and proprietary, high-performance carbonic anhydrase enzyme named 1T1. 1T1 was developed with the financial assistance of the Government of Canada’s Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP).

In lab and bench testing, 1T1 has demonstrated longevity significantly surpassing that of the best third-party enzymes used by CO2 Solutions to date.  As such, 1T1 is expected to be the principal enzyme for its carbon capture process going forward.  Patent applications have been filed in relation to 1T1 and the use thereof.

Performance of 1T1 Enzyme
Carbonate Solvent at pH 10
40 - 70°C Cycling

The development of 1T1 further improves the already compelling performance and cost advantages of CO2 Solutions’ technology over other technologies available today. Initial manufacturing has also been achieved at a cost per unit that is substantially less that than the costs of purchasing third-party enzymes. This overall result is a further reduction in the operating costs of the capture process.

With the 1T1 enzyme, CSI has the flexibility to enter into contract manufacturing relationships with a number of potential companies while controlling the intellectual property related to the enzyme.  This allows CO2 Solutions to better manage its supply chain to the benefit of our customers.